The Help – Review

The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, is quite simply the best book I’ve read from the Lit Ladies Book Club. In fact, it sits right up there on my pedestal of favorites of all time. I loved the writing style, the story and the message.

The novel takes place in 1960’s Mississippi. At the center is a young college graduate and wanna-be-writer nick-named Skeeter. She returns home to the pressures of a mother and friends bent on marrying her off and to the puzzle of her missing, beloved maid Constantine. The story weaves into the lives of Minny and Abileen (the help) and unites all three of them in a secret project that will changes and potentially risks their lives. ¬†Each of them is trying to break free of the stereotypes and segregation and “rules” that limit them at every turn. It digs deep and gets very personal. I really became attached to and cared about each of the characters.

The Help is fantastic. Read it.

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