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Photo Contest: Vote for “Tired of Waiting”

Dec 8th, 2010 Posted in Random Thoughts | no comment »

For our Christmas card photo I was inspired by an old Norman Rockwell painting of two kids who had waited up for Santa but fell asleep just as he arrived. The kids hammed it up and even our dog, Otto, had to join in. Go check out the photo and give it a “vote” in Shutterfly’s photo contest.


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After much persistent begging by Joe, we finally built a hutch and added bunnies to the Windheim farm. Scratch and Oreo, two darling little girls, came home with us yesterday from Critter Cabana in Newberg. Oreo had been the sole bunny of the store for several weeks (we visit the store often since music lessons are next door).  Brian mentioned that maybe we should get two bunnies, but we were having trouble locating a second female. Well, as we’re leaving with Oreo, a lady comes in to drop off an 8-week old, girl bunny!  It was clearly fate, so we bought her before her feet ever touched the ground at Critter Cabana.  She’s very sweet, but hasn’t been as handled as Oreo…hence, the name Scratch. She likes to snuggle and basically scratches when you try to put her down. Oreo is a nibbler. She’s already put some air holes in Sam’s sweatshirt. Good thing they are so adorable. The boys are completely smitten. So am I. And, Otto (dog) and Smokey (cat) are even pretty cool with it. Should be a fun adventure.

Thoughts on Facebook

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I resisted Facebook for a long, long time. I had two reasons. One was that I’m already on the computer enough and really don’t need another excuse to be online. Another was that I didn’t think I wanted to connect with people from the past. We’d lost touch. So what?

Well, I’m singing a different tune now. I joined Facebook to help launch Angie Windheim Photography. But I’m a “fan” of Facebook now because it’s helped me reach out and feel so much closer to friends and family who live far away.  It’s fun to see the comments and off-the-cuff remarks. I now know that one friend is a serious coffee addict, another runs a yoga retreat and yet another just got a job as a Foreign Service Consular Officer for the State Department. And, I have a brand new baby second cousin in Japan and another cousin teaching in Korea. Facebook is very fun.

That glowing recommendation aside, it is another massive drain on my time. I have to find a way to limit the minutes I spend on it. What’s right? Once a day? 15 minutes a day? Less? More? I don’t know. Right now, I’m not able to resist checking it as frequently as email. It’s just too easy with my iPhone.  Maybe it’s just like a new toy that you can’t put down and my interest will fade over time. Yeah, right 🙂

Quote on the Art of Music

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Painters paint on canvas. Musicians paint on silence.

– Leopold Stokowski

Photography Class

Jan 10th, 2010 Posted in Random Thoughts | no comment »

So excited! I’ve signed up for an online photography class through PCC. I’m hoping to learn some new techniques and get some feedback on my work.

My photography “hobby” is really turning into a great opportunity. I’ve got 3 different basketball team photo shoots coming up and my business plan is taking shape.

Christmas Bug has Bit

Nov 19th, 2009 Posted in Joyful Moments, Random Thoughts, Uncategorized | no comment »

Holy moly.  The Christmas bug has finally bit and bit me hard this week. I think it started with stuffed animal shopping for an Emmanuel Children’s Hospital drive.  Later that day I signed up for the Give ‘N Gobble and loaded up a bag of canned food for that drive. And, then today, I went on the Thanksgiving Day feast shopping trip. I was actually giddy as I pushed that 22 pound turkey around the store. Yay!!!


Nov 16th, 2009 Posted in Fun Things to Do, Random Thoughts | no comment »

OK. So some famous people truly deserve to be famous. Bono is the best example of that. He’s larger than life and treats that power with responsibility without being boring or overly preachy.  Brian and I are currently enjoying the youtube footage of U2’s recent live global webcast concert at the Rose Bowl. Some of the songs give me chills every time I hear them. You can listen and watch individual songs on youtube.  I also love  Bono’s very poignant opinion piece in the New York Times. He is inspirational, insightful and just freakin’ awesome. And, if you want to get active, try visiting ONE and see what inspires you.

Outdoor School

Jun 2nd, 2009 Posted in Random Thoughts | no comment »

It is amazing to me that I have a kid old enough for Outdoor School. Ben took off this morning for his first overnight camp. He’s ready. That feels good. He’s almost a 7th grader. That’s just crazy talk 🙂  Can’t quite wrap my brain around it.  I’m sure every mother hits this wall of reality (probably many times).  My babies really are going to grow up and leave the nest.