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Butter Pot

Jan 8th, 2009 Posted in Kitchen Gadgets | no comment »

This falls into the category of: “I can’t believe I didn’t already know about this.” The dilemma: you  want to spread “real” butter on your bread. Unfortunately, cold butter from the fridge is too hard and a stick of butter sitting for days on the counter just seems gross. So, I gave  up and we use Natural Balance Light. Well, my friend Riley insists that butter is the way.  And it turns out his daughter (a college freshman) had the answer and only recently shared this little gold nugget of wisdom. Are you ready? A butter pot. A what? Yep, a butter pot.


Evidently they’re everywhere. Though I was completely clueless, masses of people have bought them at and there were oodles to choose from. Lindsey, Riley’s wife, got hers at Sur La Table.  Most are stoneware. You simply squish a softened stick of butter in the lid, add a little water to the bowl that magically seals the pot, and, voila, the butter stays fresh. Change the water every 3 days or so and your set. Pretty cool. Now I need to decide if the Natural Balance is really better for my health or if I should go shopping 🙂