Plant Your Peas and Lettuce Now

For those of you itching for spring and planting season, did you know you can get an early start right now? Sugar snap peas (the ones you eat pod and all) and lettuce are good to go and prefer the chilly temperatures. I planted peas and my first round of fancy, romaine and iceberg lettuces this weekend.  To keep the crops coming for longer, be sure to leave space for a second or third planting every three weeks until mid-April.

Some of you may not be ready to work the garden beds and put up your trellises for peas. Well, I have an easy solution for you. Planters with a tomato cage stuck in them work great for the little climbers.  I plant the pea seeds in a circle to match the cage and fill in the middle so that the seeds are all about 1 1/2 inches apart. The cages are a great support and when the peas are done, you can pull it out and put in some flowers for the rest of the summer.

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