The Graveyard – Neil Gaiman

Great reading for “all ages.” How many books can answer that claim?  I found one, The Graveyard, by Neil Gaiman. My voracious reader, Ben, read it and loved it. He actually thanked me for buying the book. I decided to read it as well. I loved the movie adaptation of Coraline (based on the novel by Gaiman) and have enjoyed several adult novels by Gaiman. And, then it was awarded the 2008 Newberry Award. I just couldn’t resist.  

The Graveyard is such an excellent story. Harrowing circumstances lead a child, Nobody “Bod” Owens, to be raised and protected by ghosts and a “guardian” in a graveyard. Bod’s parents and sibling were the victims of foul play and a “man named Jack” would like nothing more than to find Bod and finish what he started. The story follows Bod’s coming of age, his adventures and education, and his inevitable confrontation with his family’s legacy. It’s creative, creepy, suspenseful and I completely recommend this book to kids and adults. One exception to the recommendation: kids who go sleepless after movies like Coraline, should skip it or at least not read it before bed.

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