Spoon at the Crystal Ballroom

Man, I love concerts!  Last night Brian and I caught Spoon’s fantastic show at the Crystal Ballroom. They really rocked the house. Spoon’s music just has the best rhythms and the whole sound is very fun. And, the lead singer, Britt Daniel, lives in Portland which raises the overall coolness factor by at least 10. You could tell the band was happy to be back on stage after a 4 month break from performing. The energy was contagious.

Brian and I have been Spoon fans for awhile. We own their last two CDs and the band played a lot of our favorites. After the show, we both looked at each other and said, “we need more. We need the ‘Fitted Shirt’ song,” from an earlier CD.  We’re just going to buy the whole CD 🙂  Spoon also tested out some great new songs on the crowd, so we’ll have to buy that as well when it come out.  I think we’ll also purchase some tunes from the opening band, Everest. They were goooood.

The Crystal Ballroom is a venue that buzzes your whole body. Serious. You can literally “feel” the music jolt through you from your toes to your tip of your nose. Of course, I always have a little panic that the bouncy floor is indeed going to give way and we’ll all be on the morning news as the “McMennamin’s Mishap.”  But that place has been standing for a long, long time and will continue to house some spectacular shows. If you haven’t been there, what’s wrong with you???  Go! And, grab dinner at Henry’s Tavern before hand. Heavenly gorgonzola fries, fantasy worthy pot stickers, over 100 beers on tap, etc.  I also tried the Black Butte Porter BBQ beef, caramelized onion and blue cheese pizza. Wow!  I think it would be fun to go with friends and just order a bunch of stuff so you could sample as much as possible without exploding.

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